Tuesday, 10 January 2012

SEO for Blogs

The development of the internet brought with it many new things and activities that people could not carry out in a virtual world. Communication has been made far much easier faster and more efficient. There has come up new forms of online communication moving away from the traditional telephone call and occasional letter to email and social media. There has also been development of blogs which are types of websites or part of a website for some intended use.

The popularity of blogs has made them proliferate in many numbers on the World Wide Web and there is need to make your blog stand out from the millions of alternatives available in the internet. Your blogs content, commentary and graphics has to be styled to suite the topic or focus which your blog covers and readers have to be entertained or informed by its content. In terms of competition among other blogs, SEO for blogs is a sure way of ensuring high page ranks and increased viewership of your blog by similar likeminded individuals.

A Search Engine optimization (SEO) is where you take the keywords, phrases, blog topic and other such materials, associated with the blog are coded by the web developer into the site so that when there are related searches, your site appears among the top listings in the search engine results. The more relevant it is to the each criterion used, the higher page rank it will garner in the search engine results.

Our company has the ability to make your blog move to the pinnacle of blogs and help increase its viewership. We have vast experience in this sector and have competent staff that is well trained to serve you. Our goal is to ensure that the SEO for your blog that we will undertake will elevate it to one of the most popular and highly read blogs on its area of speciality.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Web Marketing Advice

At present the web marketing is the fastest growing and efficient internet marketing strategy that is followed by almost all the marketing companies. A typical web marketing strategy is the over all functions and criterions that may be included in the marketing of products through online with the help of websites. Web internet advertising is the useful method followed now a day to enhance the marketing criteria.

The internet web marketing strategy is perhaps the easy and quite profitable marketing method to deliver a specific service or products being produced by a company through the internet. For a good marketing strategy the marketing companies needs an advertising company or website to advertise the product to the world. This may help the people who use the websites for gathering information about the products and the benefits of using those particular products. This makes the customers to choose the product for meeting their typical use.

A typical web marketing strategy is the web advertising that is the advertising of products through the top most websites to enhance the growth of product marketing. This web advertising marketing strategy helps the company to publish the products all over the world with the help of internet and then the customers are forced to own that product. Every company is having the aim to deliver the services or products to customers in order to expand the organization and hence to meet the customers needs.

There are a number of advertising companies which post advertisements regarding a specific product through online since websites are the most efficient and useful advertising medium used now a days. An ideal SEO strategy should have various marketing plans, marketing tools, winning steps, and other useful techniques in getting better marketing result over the internet. Contact SEO Sheffield company for more help.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing (SEO Sheffield) refers to the online promotion of different websites in the search engine. The short form of search engine marketing is SEM. This process is carried out by all the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. There will be provided advertisement of different websites in the search engine so that one can come to know about the existence of the website which might be providing certain sorts of services or applications.

The process of search engine marketing is also a process of providing the advertisements about different websites. The different processes used in search engine marketing are search engine optimization, paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion. Firstly the content of the website is well built and put in the search engine. With the help of search engine optimization full detailed and informative contents are created in the web pages along with suitable keywords and links.

For the real benefit of search engine marketing paid placements are being created in the web pages. There will be ad links and images in different web pages. Each time a searcher or any person clicks the link a specific amount is being paid into the account of the host of the website. The amount paid to the host depends upon the keywords and keyword phrases which are mostly searched. There is no source of bidding done for any sort of advertisement in the web page.

There is also a provision called cost per click with which the advertisers or publishers pay an particular amount of money to the search engines when a user click the advertisement and opens that website. The contextual advertising is provided for those websites which are well known and are frequently being browsed. The search engine earns as many times as the keyword is being clicked and the corresponding website is being browsed. Paid inclusion involves payment made by the advertisers who include new links and contents in the pre-existing websites available in the search engine.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Website Search Engine

Website search engine is the provision in the internet where one can find all solutions and information regarding a website. Few of the well known website search engines are the Google, Yahoo search, MSN, ASK etc. The website search engine has a particular search box in which one can easily type the keyword relating to the matter he wants to know.

The website search engine helps the people to get all their required information and details. One can easily search images, videos, software and applications from the internet by simply typing their required file and format in the website search engine. Besides this one can also be able to know about the corresponding websites which would be capable of providing the people their required data. The information and details from different websites that comes in the website search engine depends on the ranking provided to the websites in the website search engine.

The website search engine has been specifically designed to help the people to get contact details and references about industries, software, products and application. The website search engine provide different ranking to the websites regarding the extent of search engine optimisation. The websites with well defined and unique contents are listed in top lists of the website search engine, due to good SEO. There exist many websites which are related to the similar types of products or applications. But the website with the most updated and informative materials, with relevant keywords and keyword phrases come in the first page of the website search engine. It is always necessary to bring the website in the top ten lists of the website search engine in order to increase the traffic to the corresponding websites. The traffic of the websites can be improved by attaching redirecting links along with the keywords and keyword phrases in the content of websites.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Search Engine Optimisation Price

If you're a search engine optimisation expert, then fixing the right search engine optimisation price for your providers may be a daunting task. A number of Search engine optimisation support providers face this challenge, as they in no way perform or implement a comparable strategy for two various sites. And, it's really essential to fix the right search engine optimisation price to sustain within the market competition.

You will find a number of elements which you can think about and that would assist you in deciding on the price structure. Let us assume which you have a request from the website to enhance the sales of their providers by increasing the website visitors.

Before you give a price structure to this website, analyse the amount of time you invest on consulting, the effort you invest on improving their current program, and finally analysing the market trends.

The primary requests which are received for search engine optimisation could be categorized into two, the very first kind is exactly where the customer knows everything about the Search engine optimisation implementation, search engine optimisation price and also the communication provided to you is ideal to begin your job.

The second kind is exactly where the customer doesn't know about what require to become implemented and requirements and need much more assistance from the provider. It's really simple to tackle with the very first scenario as the info is clear and also the rates could be fixed very easily.

And for the third scenario research needed, analyse the program and prepare the fundamental providers which are needed to implement the Search engine optimisation methods to their website.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

SEO Feedburner

There are few sites that can the ease of use than Feedburner, which is owned and run by Google Inc. Just enter your web feed url, pick a feedburner friendly url and title, then off you go. It makes it easy for others to follow your feed of updates in a way that doesn't clutter up a favourites box.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Seoclock.co.uk team up with SimpleHQ.com to offer Sheffields finest website solution

Longstanding provider of quality websites in the Sheffield area, SimpleHQ.com, have recently teamed up with SEO specialist Seoclock.co.uk. They now offer a complete solution for a website, from conception through to branding and optimisation (SEO).

With over a decade of website design and bespoke solution services, SimpleHQ.com has a great presence in the Sheffield market for website design and e-commerce solutions. During the new era of competition on the web, they have recently been looking to team up with a dedicated Search Engine Optimisation provider.

SEO'Clock (http://www.seoclock.co.uk/) is a provider of SEO services in Sheffield, and has a host of successful campaigns to their name. By specialising in just SEO, they have been able to take away the confusion around have a search engine friendly website, especially when it comes to the design stages.

In joining forces these two local firms can offer the complete requirement when it comes to a new business website. They now have the capability not only to design fresh, eye catching websites, but also the ability to make sure the site performs in the search engines: "We had long needed this kind of partnership to reassure our new and existing clients that we could give them a site that would not alienate Google and the other leading search providers" says Simple HQ director Simon Margetts. He went on to add: “This has been an eye opener for us and we look forward to even more success by having this new technique we can offer, which as far as we can see is now essential for a website".

Neil Palmer, manager of SEO'Clock was also looking forward to the fact they didn't need to be just part of a web package, they could now be the complete service so many businesses crave: " Ask any company manager if they enjoy splitting the web design work and the SEO between different companies, and 9/10 times the answer will be no. Trying to get these people talking can be a nightmare sometimes, especially when you need a quick fix for a problematic area. Having the SEO team and the designers in the same office gets the results quicker. We can also offer a discounted service for this reason, and the value for money we offer has been evident in every campaign we have taken on".

http://www.seoclock.co.uk/: Search engine optimisation specialist based in Sheffield. SEO Sheffield services for organic traffic and an increased internet presence. Specialist Internet Marketing company with an in-house design team. We create marketing campaigns that work.

http://www.simplehq.com/: Design work for any kind of business, from a flash design for a contact page through to a complete e-commerce platform, we can supply a transparent and effective service for any business in the Sheffield area.

Monday, 27 April 2009

SEO Myths

When it comes to modern SEO, there are many myths surrounding the best practice methods to implement to your campaign. There are forums and sites all around the World, which give an individual perspective on the way to do things and not to do things.

One thing is for sure, SEO is an art every bit as much as a science. Some sites I look at give damning reviews about so called 'Black Hat' techniques. True, there are some big no no's when it comes to SEO, but many optimisation companies go too far when describing the rules in SEO.

Who decides what works? Which rules work better for which websites? Where is the set of laws of for SEO? Well, there is no bible for SEO, and I have found over the last 5 years that it is very much a suck it and see kind of industry. Getting the right blend of SEO techniques differs for every industry, and that's why it's such an interesting and varied method of marketing.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Keyword density in SEO

What is keyword density and how does it help a website in the search engines? Well, it's all about the word 'theme'.

When a search engine turns up at a website to refresh the cache for the page, the thing it really wants to decide is what the page on that site is all about. Have a mix of different links and no real theme to the phrases, and the spider will struggle to keep up with what you want to get ranked for. Implement a good ratio of target key phrases into the text, anchor links and meta details, and you are half way to getting ranked higher due to a good keyword density.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

SEO Sheffield

With the ecomony slowing down over the last year, many companies are looking for an alternative way to increase sales and most importantly, profitability.

It would be an easy option to throw more money into local print advertising, or to spend more on Pay Per Click to get instant website traffic. The smart way to move forward long term would be SEO- there are so many advantages and this can be considered a long term investment as appose to a short term solution.

When you cancel the print subscription, when your pay per click balance runs out, the traffic stops. The sales stop. With SEO, this doesn't happen- with the right company in place maintining basic SEO the traffic continues and grows with no extra cost.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

SEO Tips- Blog and Content

One thing that is sure to set you apart from non-performing websites is having fresh relevent text on your page and on other blog sites. You can set up your own site, have the blog on your existing site with a sub domain, or pay someone to write the content for you.

I find it much easier to just crack on with it yourself - locate some blogs that are SEO friendly, register and start to be invloved in the discussions. This helps lots if you end up with people finding your site free of charge, and also helps your link building for SEO.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

SEO Relevant Content

Many SEO'ers come unstuck as they are not dedicated to the topic or subject matter. Let me explain....

If you out-source your website optimization then you are giving your shop and the contents to someone who probably doesn't understand your industry. If you sell flowers on your site, and ask a company to create a landing page to get up the rankings for 'flower delivery manchester', then there is a good chance the company you use would not know where to start. For this reason they would probably fill the page with a few keywords they think are relevant, then fill the rest of the page with generic rubbish. This is not good seo practice and never will be!

Think of your keyphrases, decide on the density then write some good content - you know your business better than anyone- and Google loves fresh, new, appropriate text.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

SEO Tip on Page size

It's a small part of SEO granted, but still important to remember that page size can be a factor in organic search engine results.

Whatever phrase you are looking to optimize, just look at the top 10 on Google and you will see the page sizes are mostly under 50kb. This is a size that I would recommend being the maximum for most landing pages.

The best way to achieve this is to have smaller pictures and a less complicated navigation, but there are many other ways to keep it down. Call if you want a quote on an SEO package to discuss how to get to the top of the search results.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Website Directories

If you are new to SEO and have seen the many adverts out there for directory submissions, it may seem very tempting. There are so many millions of directories on the internet, it's hard to know where to find the right ones for your market. Also, 1000 submissions for $200 might seem like a dead easy way to get round the process.

In my experience however, it's really important to have incoming links from quality sites that don't just spam 100's of links on badly optimised pages. An Indian company I used many years ago ended up submitting my site to over 500 directories with a page rank of '0', when all should have been a minimum of '2'. Also, the pages where my site was listed had nothing to do with my industry, it was a mix of anything and everything.

There are many free directories that I would recommend, with a few that are very important to be listed in due to their high Alexa rank and PageRank.

It may be an idea to look deeper into specialist websites that have a complete section dedicated to what you are offering. There are various techniques to do this, all of which I offer as part of an SEO package.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Link Building

Every website needs to have a theme, and to help create a theme the site should have permanent backlinks.

Basically a backlink is a hyperlink that points to your website from another website. The text that is displayed on a hyperlink is called the 'anchor text', and this is the phrase that the search engines will associate with your website.

Here is an example. If I wanted my own website to be popular for the phrase 'kitchen appliances', I would try to get other sites to point to mine like this: kitchen appliances.

The other important thing about link exchanging, is to try to make sure the site pointing to yours is about the same subject. The link I have placed just above won't mean an awful lot to Google, as this site is about Website Optimisation in Sheffield, not Kitchen Appliances!

Saturday, 27 September 2008


It's just so important that 'Keywords' are in your thoughts when setting up your site. The engines like to see a theme on a page or whole site. Try to imagine what your customers are going to type into a search box when potentially looking for your products or services.

Depending on how many phrases you come up with, you will then need to work out how many pages to create. Try to work around the 4-6 keywords per page, unfortunately this means if you come up with 500 key phrases, then you'll need about 100 pages! But, when needs must...

Thursday, 25 September 2008

What is SEO?

Well without spelling it out in too many words, it's simply marketing for your shop. With a high street store you need to have people either walk past your shop front, or you have to reach them through other mediums, like TV, radio or print.

With a website it's not quite the same, as potential customers cannot stumble across your site without it being around in the search engines. SEO helps your site become visible to people searching for phrases related to your industry (we will look at 'Keywords / Key Phrases' later).

So unless you want to pay a fortune on Adwords and Pay Per Click on the main search engines, then it's time to take SEO seriously...

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Google optimisation

Google is still the biggest search engine, in terms 0f users, despite the others catching up a little. It has around 60% of all searches on the internet, and is the holy grail when it comes to optimisation and key phrase rankings.

The best and worst thing about Google for people wanting to succeed, is the fact that they try their very best to keep the search results pure.

It's the best reason because it stops the majority of rubbish getting to the top of the rankings by using spamming techniques. It's a bad thing because it means there is no easy fix, no rapid rankings, no magic formula to getting to number 1. That's right, pay £10,000 and ask someone to get you to number one on Google for a moderately difficult phrase and it just won't happen. Or at least it will happen for a week then you'll drop back down to number 132, and by then the cheque has cleared and it's back to square one.

Keep watching and I'll be posting some more blog on SEO later.

Website Optimisation

I have been optimising websites for over 6 years now, and it really is one industry where life long learning is paramount. I am not a website designer, I just optimize and I only just manage to keep up with the ongoing changes by Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines.

As the main search engines keep updating the spiders (robots) they deploy every day, it's important to know what they like. Also, it's just as important to understand what they don't like. Either way, I keep reading and posting and interacting with other specialists in this field, and that's why I'm staying up the rankings.